Local Buying Tips

Find A Real Estate Agent

They will save you time, help you navigate potential pitfalls, suggest credible mortgages companies, send you potential homes based on your wants and desires, and negotiate on your behalf with sellers and sellers agents.  A experienced real estate agent is with you from the beginning of the process through the closing table and beyond.

Obtain Mortgage Loan Approval

Having a preapporved loan in place with an experienced loan officer at a credible mortgage company allows you the freedom to shop confidently in the correct price range and also gives you better negotiating position over potential buyers who make offers subject to finding loan approval.

Have A Home Inspection

Home inspections are recommended to home buyers to ensure that the home they are buying is free from material defects.  We have a list of qualified professionals that we can recommend.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Home buying is not for the meek.  If you don't understand something be sure and ask questions.  A good Real Estate Agent will be glad to provide as much detail as you require.